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Our Winter Reading Program Read Across Asia & India Is For All Ages!

Just like summer reading, we have a winter reading program with awesome prizes and fun events!

You can use the same account you use to track your reading during the summer, or you can create a new account by going here.

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Common Sense Media

Looking for advice on whether a book, movie, game, or website is appropriate for your child or teen? Confused by rating systems? One of my favorite resources for information about these topics is Common Sense Media. One thing I really like about this site is that it suggests ways to explore, discuss, and understand media, even if there are elements that are not squeaky clean. It’s a great resource, enjoy!

 -Miss Molly

Not sure how to talk with your children about violent tragic events?

Here are some resources to start the conversation.

PBS guide to talking with children about news

National Child Traumatic Stress Network Talking to children about tragedies and other news events

SAMHSA Resource guide

If you are struggling with your own feelings and need someone to talk with, Parents Helping Parents has a Parental Stress Line which offers free, 24/7, confidential counseling 1-800-632-8188